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Robinson & Rushe Ltd is one of the leading suppliers of branded showers in Birmingham and the West Midlands. From Electric to Power, we stock the largest range of Triton showers. Other brands include Gainsborough, Mira, MX, Creda and many more.

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Great Value on Triton, MX & many more...

Triton Aspirante

Triton Aspirante

From £139.99 + VAT

With its ultra clean lines and minimalist styling, Aspirante is more than a shower. It's a statement.


Brushed Steel has always been a favourite when making a super-stylish design statement. Now this incredible effect is available on your shower too.

That early morning shower will have never felt so cool.

Triton T80Z

Triton T80Z

From £89.99 + VAT

The stylish and affordable T80Z Thermostatic is perfect for families who are looking for extra reassurance.


Its thermostatic control ensures that the temperature is consistent, even if a tap is turned on elsewhere in the house. It is also ideal for elderly users who may require greater levels of showering care.

Triton T100XR

Triton T100XR

From £129.99 + VAT

This slimline electric shower has a pleasing tablet shaped body with a Satin fascia providing an elegant finish.


The T100XR also features easy to use controls for added convenience and showering comfort.

Triton Alicante

Triton Alicante

From £99.99 + VAT

This Triton Alicante 8.5kW white electric shower is a great value shower set which features three power settings and a multi function shower head.


Thermostatic control is ideal for family bathrooms, as it allows the user to safely control the temperature without compromising on pressure performance.

Triton Rubie

From £49.99 + VAT


Slim body shower that not only is easy to operate but is also powerful.

Value for Money.


This slimline model offers exceptional value for money in a stylish and compact design.

with a white riser rail ensures that this product will make an impact in any bathroom.

Electric Showers

MX Inspiration QI

MX Inspiration QI

POR (Price on Request)

The MX Inspiration QI boasts a minimalistic sleek design, combining great looks with power at your fingertips and with its push button features you can choose the intensity of your showering experience. Features include low pressure warning indicator and phased shutdown.

Mixer Showers & Accessories

MX Atmos Vision



The MX Atmos Vision is a truly stunning shower which is instantly noticeable with its sleek angular looks. Incorporating an integrated diverter valve for minimalistic appearance this contemporary yet functional design provides an impressive showering experience. The mx atmos vision will instantly transform any bathroom with its angular design.

Mixer Showers & Accessories Mixer Showers & Accessories Mixer Showers & Accessories Mixer Showers & Accessories Mixer Showers & Accessories

Triton Thames Shower

This vertical streamline design is an inviting

contemporary centrepiece in any shower area.


It's a luxurious thermostatic shower. Divert to either a large 8 inch overhead showerhead with wide coverage or a removable handset.

Triton Thames Shower Triton Thames Shower

Triton Dove Bar Mixer Diverter

With its sophisticated design the Dove bar diverter allows you to alternate the flow of water from the large saucer fixed shower head or the microphone shower head for a more invigorating shower.

Triton Dove Bar Mixer Diverter Triton Dove Bar Mixer Diverter

Power Showers

Triton AS2000XT Thermostatic

The AS2000XT thermostatic power shower is ideal for low pressure systems. Designed for use with gravity fed hot and cold supplies, the integral pump provides a powerful shower.


Also perfect for families and the elderly who are looking for extra reassurance, the shower's thermostatic control ensures that the temperature is consistent.

Triton AS2000XT Thermostatic Triton AS2000XT Thermostatic Triton AS2000XT Thermostatic triton1 triton1 triton1 mx1 rubie 1